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World REnew Day

UN Campus Bonn, 22 June 2019


Gathering in support of 100% renewable energy and strong action on climate change.


The event will be accompanied by music performed by Ruslana, European Song Contest winner and Global 100% Renewable Energy Ambassador, and Arieb Azhar, renowned musician from Pakistan


Join us in signing a petition expressing your personal commitment to a 100% renewable energy future.


Read the formal invitation to join the event…


Join us in launching the World REnew Day!

In what will become an annual, global event, REnew Day is a personal expression of support for a sustainanble future.
Hosted by the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform and Ruslana, the event enjoys the broad support of the renewable energy community. Add your personal support – join us in Bonn!


The Organizers

The RENEW Day 2019 is being organized and hosted by:

The Global 100%
Renewable Energy Platform

Global 100% RE is the first global initiative that advocates 100% renewable energy. This unique platform builds on projects that are already taking place on national, regional and local levels and steers the global discourse on renewable energy towards 100% RE as the new normal.


Ruslana, is a World Music Award and Eurovision Song Contest winning recording artist and Global 100% Renewable Energy Ambassador.

Fridays for Future

#FridaysForFuture is a movement that began in August 2018, after 15 years old Greta Thunberg sat in front of the Swedish parliament every schoolday for three weeks, to protest against the lack of action on the climate crisis. 


Our supporters include the key global renewable energy-supporting
NGOs, here in no particular order:


Welcome – Stefan Gsänger WWEA
Parents for Future – Sandra Prüfer
FridaysForFuture Germany – Luisa Neubauer (tbc)
Global 100% RE Platform – Rian van Staden
Bundesverband Erneuerbare Energien – Simone Peter
Energy Watch Group – Hans-Josef Fell
Climate Action Network – Tasneem Essop
ICLEI – Ashok Sridharan (Mayor of Bonn)
FridaysForFuture –
                      India: Karen Raymond,
                      Dithmarschen/Brunsbüttel: James Leon Meyer
From Chernobyl: Andriy Konechenkov
ISES – David Renne
Franz Alt, with a message from the Dalai Lama
UNFCCC – Patricia Espinosa (tbc)

Also Parachutes and Street painting!


Musical Talent

A dynamic musical accompaniment will enliven the World RENew Day event.


Ruslana originates from the Western Ukrainian city of L’viv. At the age of four, she started her classical musical training at an experimental music school, and at seven she went on tour with a children’s ensemble, later graduating from the music Conservatory in L’viv, Ukraine, as a pianist and orchestra conductor. Her career started with winning the international song festival Slavians’kyj Bazar in Vitebsk, Belarus, in 1996. The following years, Ruslana received over 40 awards within Ukraine, including several times Person of the Year, Singer of the Year, and Project of the Year. The International stage was set in May 2004, when she swept the Eurovision Song Contest broadcast live from Istanbul, Turkey. More than 100 million worldwide viewers saw Ruslana achieve a spectacular victory.

Arieb Azhar

Sharp eloquence, humanist philosophies and mystic poetries are given a global voice by Arieb Azhar – acclaimed musician, writer, producer, cultural promoter and a pioneer of Contemporary Sufi music in Pakistan. With his music Arieb has performed in all major venues and festivals of Pakistan as well as toured abroad extensively. He founded the Music Mela Festival of Islamabad in 2014 which he curated for three years, and is founder and director of Art Langar Festival. Arieb is presently the executive director of T2F (The Second Floor), a cult cultural café, community space and art gallery based in Karachi. He is also part time columnist and regular speaker on the topic of culture and Sufi Poetry of Pakistan, and has produced several documentary films on music and music heritage.


Makeda comes from Bonn; Her family roots are in Trinidad, Caribbean. The singer and songwriter, who plays guitar and bass in addition to the piano, shines above all through her soulful and at the same time crystal-clear voice. In her lyrics she lets her feelings run free and sings about love, passion and life. 
On February 22, 2019 (20:15, ARD) Makeda was candidate in the German preliminary to the Eurovision Song Contest. At the same time she released her debut single titled The Day I Love You Most. With her band “Steal A Taxi” Makeda travelled as a cultural ambassador in China and was included in the prestigious youth development program “Popcamp”. She also appeared in the musical “Bodyguard” in Cologne, often in the lead role stage.

Artistic Accompaniment

We have been fortunate to gain the support of artist Consuelo Mendez in the creation of a supportive artwork with a strong message for the future.

According to the artist:

“My inspiration for this picture was seeing young people take a stand against issues of the environment. They are really worried about our future and try to explain that to regular people and also to the government. What they all are doing today, we should have done many years ago, but we are more used to thinking only, and worrying only about our own comfort. The industries, with their power and capital have the support of the governments, make up our ‘needs’ and make us buy things we have no use for, not considering their impact on the sustainability of the planet. But what about the environment? Because of that, almost no place is safe from pollution and the seas and soils are contaminated with plastics and chemicals. We need to raise awareness against these issues, we need to do everything we can to show that we are worried and change this situation now. We also need to change ourselves, e. g. with less energy consumption and more consciousness, using renewables. We need to make sure we know where our energy is coming from. It is time to switch to renewable energies and it is time to live aware. We need to face reality and make the right decisions along the way. This is an obligation for humankind. This is our earth and we only have one. For the governments it is probably easy to look at the present instead of seeing the real problem: our future. Which consequences will our behaviour have in the future? Hopefully good ones.”