Exciting interventions from key players…

As speakers confirm and send us their pictures and CVs, we will present them below, so that you
can get to know your fellow 100% renewable energy activists.
(In no particular order)

Simone Peter

Dr. Simone Peter is the president of the German Renewable Energy Federation, the umbrella organization for German renewable energy associations. The federation was founded in 1991 and represents the overall interests of the renewable energy industry in the political and public sphere. Our 55 member organizations unite the sectors of wind and solar energy, biomass, water power and geothermal energy and represent a total of over 30 000 individual members and companies. BEE is actively promoting renewable energy on an EU level, federal level and state level.

Tasneem Essop

Tasneem Essop is an expert on climate, energy, poverty and social justice issues and is currently the Interim Executive Director of Climate Action Network (CAN) International.
She is also serving her second term as Commissioner in the National Planning Commission of South Africa leading the work on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change.
She set up the Energy Democracy Initiative in South Africa which is piloting bottom up community-owned renewable energy in 4 poor communities. Prior to this, she headed the climate work in WWF International and served as the Head of Delegation for the organisation at the UNFCCC up to the Paris COP. Before joining WWF in 2008, she held the positions of Provincial Minister for the Environment, Planning and Economic Development and Provincial Minister of Transport, Public Works and Property Management in the Western Cape. (Photo by Abigail Calata)

Dave Renne

Dr. Renné has served as President of the International Solar Energy Society since 2010. From 1991 until his retirement in 2012 Dr. Renné managed the solar resource assessment
activities at the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). In 2012 he formed the consultancy Dave Renne Renewables. He is dedicated to the concept of urgently
achieving 100% renewable energy to meet all of our end use energy requirements as the best solution to the climate crisis.

Ashok Sridharan

Mayor of Bonn, Ashok Sridharan was officially elected as ICLEI President for the 2018 to 2021 term as of 1 June 2018. As ICLEI President, Mayor Sridharan of Bonn will lead the ICLEI network of more than 1,500 local and regional governments transforming our urban world. Mayor Sridharan is committed to sustainability leadership at home in Bonn and to sparking worldwide action. In Bonn, the motto of UN Bonn Shaping a Sustainable Future equally represents key guiding principles for the city: equitable local development, international cooperation and global advocacy – three areas where Mayor Sridharan is active and engaged. 

Hans-Josef Fell

President Energy Watch Group
Member of German Parliament (1998 -2013)
Author of the draft of feed in tariff law (EEG) 2000
Ambassador for 100% Renewables

Franz Alt

Franz Alt started as editor and reporter with Südwestrundfunk (South German Radio and Television)
He then became head and presenter of the political program “Report”. Since 1992 he has been head of “Zukunftsredaktion” at Südwestrundfunk and from
1997-2000 head and presenter of the political program “Querdenker”(Unconventional thinker) in 3sat and until 2003 head and presenter of the 3sat program “Grenzenlos” (Boundless/without borders). Since 2003 he has been a freelance writer of background reports and commentaries for over 40 newspapers and magazines and guest lecturer/speakerat conferences and events worldwide.

Andriy Konechenkov

Andriy Konechenkov, current Chairman of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Associatioin, Vice President of the WWEA,
was deeply involved in antinuclear movement of Ukraine in late 80th of the twenty century. From 1989 to 1993 he was editor-in-chief of the newspaper “ECHO of CHERNOBYL” and
headed the press centre of the International Organization “Chernobyl Union”. In 1990 was one of the organisers of the European information tour “Chernobyl Trace”.

Stefan Gsaenger

Stefan Gsänger has managed the World Wind Energy Association since its foundationin 2001. Under his direction, WWEA attained Special Consultative Status at the UN, with members in more than 100 countries. He is member of the managing committee of the International Renewable Energy Alliance, the executive committee of the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform and Vice Chair and member of the Bureau of REN21. Stefan Gsänger co-chaired 14 World Wind Energy Conferences, and has been an invited speaker in 40 countries. He published numerous articles, is editor of the yearbook Wind Energy International, the WWEA Quarterly Bulletin and the Small Wind World Report. In 2011, Stefan Gsänger received the International Community Power Award of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association.

Rian van Staden

Rian van Staden is a former Executive Director of the International Solar Energy Society and has served as consultant to the renewable energy sector for more than 20 years with clients on local, national and international level, covering everything from investment and financing, policy, technology, advocacy and development.

He currently serves as Platform Coordinator for the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform, and has done so since early 2018.

Sandra Prüfer

Sandra Prüfer is a Bonn-based freelance writer, impact communications consultant, digital storytelling enthusiast with more than two decades of experience in international reporting, non-profit and corporate communications. She has reported extensively in print and television on politics, development, environment and health issues, with a focus on questions of climate change, gender equality and social justice. She is a mother of two teen-aged (FFF) children and has joined the Parents4Future Bonn group to support the youth-led global climate justice movement. Sandra is also also the coordinator of the collaborative local “Parachutes for the Planet” project.

Karen Raymond

Karen Raymond is a structural engineer, and deals with the design, development and testing of nanosattelites. 

She helps organise the Fridays for Future (FFF) climate strikes in India and serves on the FFF India national coordination team. FFF India believe in an organic and inclusive people’s movement for climate justice led by youth and students. She has been a climate youth activist over two years both on digital and field work.

James Leon Meyer

James has been a climate activist since he was a little boy. He helped in the succesful movement to shut down the Nuclear Power Plant in Brunsbüttel and I campaigned against the plan to build four coal power plants in Brunsbüttel.
He surrently works against the construction of a LNG Import Terminal and he is a leading Fridays for Future (FFF) climate and environmental protection activist. Together with Karen Raymond he works on the Lifestyle for Future initiative. He recently completed his A-Level graduation. For the future he plans to do everything to provide a livable future for further generations.